Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sequins in the Summer!!

Hello beautiful people! Apologies for taking so long in bringing you another post on this blog that I so deeply missed updating. Anyways, I am back again in my favourite time of the year, summer!

There is no denying that I am more of a day dressing kinda person and that’s because of my eternal love for florals and pastels which usually include casual floral short dresses or floral skirts or all sorts of casuals in pastel colours. In short, clothing that is more appropriate to daytime needs. Even while shopping, I am very quick to pick up stuff that make up for good day dressing as against night time clothing. As a result, my wardrobe started filling fast with these day outfits and I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that I am really short on night clothing especially clubwear until I suddenly transitioned into a night animal and became regular on the clubbing scene after many years. So after careful consideration, I started updating my wardrobe with pieces that comprised embellishment including sequins, shimmer and even a bit of mesh.

Having done all of this, my love for day dressing still remains intact and that’s when I thought of turning this very night outfit into a day one with the most doable add-ons toning down the whole night effect and creating a look that can even be carried during the day. To me, a denim shirt as a cover up and a tan bag with woolen weaving provided the much needed daylight feel. I totally love the concept of an unbuttoned denim shirt as a cover up and lately I have been trying it a lot with different outfits. Works well.    

I put on these awesome strappy wedges in gold that is most certainly in line with the club look and optional with the day look. The flip-flops are my back up for the day look.

With a sequined outfit, it is only most logical to go easy on the accessories so I go for a long chain in gold and my favourite bracelet from Miss Flurrty, a brand of jewellery that I am currently crazy about.

 A gold and silver assortment with a right blend of tan and denim helped me easily pull this look off which I will most certainly repeat.  

I know many won’t wear sequins during the day. Atleast not until they open their mind a bit! Till then, I’ll go rococo with sequins in the summer!!

Shorts: Benetton; Spaghetti Top: Promod; Shirt: Tally Weijl; Wdges: Guess; Flip Flip-flops: Roxy; Neck piece: Pieces; Bracelet: Miss Flurrty; Shades: Nine West